Gyoo Yeol Jung

Professor, POSTECH

Welcome to the website of molecular diagnosis and synthetic biology lab ( or We do research in the field of 1) molecular diagnosis based on CE-SSCP for the detection of genetic diseases (SNP, CNV, DNA methylation), pathogens as well as transcriptomic analysis and 2) synthetic biology developing useful molecular engineering tools and microorganisms capable of producing various products such as biofuels, commodity chemicals, value-added products, etc. We are located at Environmental Engineering Building (Professor:#325; Students:#310; Lab:#305) and Jigok Research Building (Students:#306; Lab:#301) at POSTECH, Pohang, Korea Lab Openings : We have positions available for enthusiastic graduate students and talented postdocs (Department of Chemical Engineering, School of Interdisciplinary Bioscience and Bioengineering). Please contact to